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Welcome To The Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber

he Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce has been serving the Campbellsville/Taylor County community since 1946. Our members are actively involved in every aspect of our community and we invite you to browse our Membership Directory to see which of our members might serve your business needs. cechindonda

Campbellsville/Taylor County is not only a great tourist destination but also an ideal city for business or family. Our diverse economy forms a strong business and employment base ranging from manufacturing to distribution (Team Taylor County), from tourism to healthcare, and retail sectors.

Whether you live in or away from the Campbellsville/Taylor County area, we hope you will use our Chamber website as a primary resource for information and contacts.


Campbellsville Apparel

Campbellsville Apparel Company was started in March of 1999. The company has been producing government contracts for clothing with the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia since 2003. We currently have seven contracts with the Defense Logistics Agency. Campbellsville Apparel has passed every quality inspection and delivery requirements on all DLA shipments.

We currently produce the following items weeky:

8,000 Men’s V-neck tee shirts
40,000 Men’s briefs
44,000 Men’s tee shirts
8,000 Men’s V-neck tee shirts
8,000 Men’s USMC sweatshirts & pants and/or U.S. Air Force sweatshirts, and/or U.S. Coast Guard sweatshirts & pants

Campbellsville Apparel currently has 116 employees.